All items must be CLEAN, SAFE and in 'Like New' condition please!
We prefer that used baby equipment and furniture is no more than 5 years old.



IMMEDIATE NEEDS - Updated 3/24/23

(Some items are also listed on our Amazon Wish List for direct delivery! Find the link HERE

BRAND NEW off-season items can be accepted any time, but we can't take used clothing that's off-season due to storage challenges.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All "gently used" clothing must be freshly washed and sorted by gender/size before dropping off. Please thoroughly clean all baby equipment and check for recalls prior to donating. Our volunteers appreciate it!


(Please donate items that are no more than 5 years old in safe, clean shape. Instructions are helpful if you can print them or include the original.)

    • New Cribs & Mattresses (no more used, please!)
    • Mini Cribs & Mattresses (no full size cribs needed at this time!)
    • Jogging Strollers / Double Strollers
    • Baby Gates in excellent condition
    • New Potty Seats



*NOTE: We do not need quilts or homemade knitted blankets at this time. Thanks!

    • Crib Sheets & Toddler Bed Sheets
    • Twin Bed-In-A Bag sets (see our Amazon Wish List!)
    • Crib and Twin Mattress Protectors (new is preferred)
    • Pack n' Play / Bassinet Sheets (neutral styles preferred)
    • New Bago Duffle Bags (or any other new, compact duffle size 60L or larger - see Amazon Wish List!)
    • New Pillows



We cannot accept any used items that are put in the mouth. We also cannot accept any used stuffed animals. 

    • Diapers - Size 4, 6 & Overnight Diapers for Big Kids
    • New Diaper Pails - see our Amazon Wish List for the DiaperGenie!

Formula - Needed NOW!

  • Similac Sensitive and Pro-Sensitive Baby Formula


Boys' Spring Clothing

  • Short-sleeved shirts
  • Shorts
  • NEW Underwear
  • NEW Undershirts (All Sizes)
  • NEW or Like New Swimsuits

Girls' Spring Clothing

  • Short-sleeved shirts
  • Shorts / Skirts
  • NEW underwear
  • NEW Swimsuits

Women's Clothing 

    • Hoodies / sweats for teen girls in adult sizes
    • PJs - All sizes!
    • Fashionable spring clothing in like new condition (mostly Large and XL)
    • New Bras
      • Trainer Bras
      • Sports Bras - Large / XL
      • Sz. 32 all cups, 34 C & D cups

Men's Clothing

    • XS shirts & XS sweatpants / joggers
    • XL & larger clothing for teen boys
    • NEW Underwear (All Sizes!)
    • NEW Athletic socks
    • PJs (All sizes!)
    • ALL size sweats / hoodies / joggers for teens

SHOE NEEDS - Spring shoes only at this time!

    • Vans Sneakers - All sizes and colors!
    • Crocs - All sizes and colors!
    • "Every day shoes" in all kid and adult sizes
      • Most needed - Girls' Shoes/Sneakers
        • Toddler (5, 9, 10, 11)
        • Youth (1 & 4)
        • Women's (6-10)
      • Most needed - Boys' Shoes/Sneakers
        • Infant (4)
        • Toddler (11 & 12)
        • Men's (7-9)


For this category, we ask that you donate items that are not 'dollar store' quality, as our kids and teens deserve products that will be gentle to their skin and brands they will get excited about. We've found that they LOVE shopping the hygiene section!

Teen Hygiene Items:

  • Products for sensitive and natural skin and hair (Cantu brand)
  • Women's razors
  • Old Spice / Axe / Harry's products for Men
  • Body Wash for men
  • Perfumes / Body Sprays (Bath & Body Works are awesome!)
  • Cetaphil & Cerave products
  • New Towels & Wash Cloths


    • Reusable Shopping Bags (Marshall's, TJ Maxx, etc.)
    • Retail Gift Cards (Amazon, Target, Walmart, Marshall's, American Eagle, Tilly's, Aerie, Visa, Starbucks, Wawa, etc. for teen clothing, shoes and treats!)
    • Restaurant Gift Cards (UberEats, GrubHub, Burger King, Wendy's, pizza, Wawa, etc. for our families who need one less thing to think about when new children are placed with them)





Please do not donate items that have been stored in garages, attics, basements, barns and are covered in dirt and grime. Our volunteers appreciate it!

    • Insulated Water Bottles


    • Bago Duffle Bags


    • Bed-in-a-Bag Sets (Twin & Toddler sizes)


    • Diaper Rash Cream


    • New Sneakers for all sizes including adult!


    • New Car Seats (all kinds!)


    • New Bath Towels & Wash Cloths


    • Journals, sketchbooks and fun pens and art supplies for our teens


    • New Cribs/Toddler/Twin/Bunk Beds - Amazon Wish List


    • New Mattresses for above beds - Amazon Wish List


    • Large Reusable Shopping Bags (Marshall's, Ross, or grocery bags to use for our shoppers)


    • Products for natural hair  (Cantu brand is great!)


    • New Bibs


    • New Pacifiers


    • Like-new Strollers (double, snap 'n go and sit & stand, jogging)


    • Pack 'n Plays (less than 5 years old in excellent condition)


    • New Formula (Unopened, not expired)


    • New hygiene items for babies through teens (not from Dollar Tree)


    • High Chairs


    • Baby Swings


    • New Bras


    • New Socks/Underwear in all sizes


    • NEW Games/Cards/Puzzles (mostly for teens)


    • New Clothing and Shoes with tags are always a special treat for our TKP kids.


    • Book series for all ages



    • USPS Stamps for mailings




    • Volunteers to work at The Kindness Exchange  (PA Background checks required)


    • Committee Members (Fundraising & Development, Special Events, Technology, Facilities)

    • SalesForce Support for our new CRM


    • Grant writers for our Fundraising & Development Committee


    • Lawn and Snow Maintenance