1. Client agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Client Agreement in exchange for accepting free benefits and items from The Kindness Project.


2. The Kindness Project is a charitable entity as defined in Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. Client understands that The Kindness Project operates solely for charitable purposes and accepts that The Kindness Project does not earn any profits and is not operating for the financial benefit of anyone, other than the indirect financial benefits experienced by clients who receive services and/or items from The Kindness Project.


3. Clients of The Kindness Project are exclusively resource (foster/adoptive) families who have been approved by a social service agency or by a county in Pennsylvania or New Jersey to provide foster care to a child or children. The client, by signing this Agreement, represents and affirms that he/she/they is/are an approved resource care provider in Pennsylvania and hasregistered with The Kindness Project via their online registration form.


4. Client will immediately notify The Kindness Project of any change in his/her/their status as a resource care provider, including any change in the status of the children in their care within one week of a change occurring (removal, reunification, adoption, etc.).


5. Client acknowledges having received “Shopping Guidelines” issued by The Kindness Project. The Kindness Project agrees to offer items to client consistent with the Shopping Guidelines. However, The Kindness Project reserves the right to suspend shopping activities of and to any and/or all clients on an overall or case-by-case basis, at its sole discretion, and for any reason.


6. Client understands that access to the physical boutique known as “The Kindness Exchange” is restricted only to registered resource families who are listed on the agency/county placement paperwork provided at the time of registration with The Kindness Project. Resource family ‘guests’ are not permitted on the premises unless given prior permission for specific reasons.


7. Client acknowledges that all items received from The Kindness Project are intended for the use of registered children in foster care and not for client’s biological children. Additionally, client agrees that items taken from The Kindness Project are not to be sold by client for financial benefit and should be returned to The Kindness Project if the child is removed from the home and is no longer using said items (car seat, high chair, crib, stroller, etc.). Items should be in clean, working condition. Clothing, shoes and consumable items (diapers, food, hygiene products, etc.) are not required to be returned and should follow the child.


8. The Kindness Project does not warrant the safety or fitness for intended purpose of any item offered to client. Client understands that items offered by The Kindness Project may be pre-owned items that have been donated to The Kindness Project by third parties. The Kindness Project has no knowledge of the prior use of any item or of any defect, latent or patent, in any item offered by The Kindness Project. A client shall not rely on The Kindness Project or any agent of The Kindness Project to inspect any item for defects or damage. Acceptance by client of any item from The Kindness Project shall be considered an assurance by client that client has inspected the item and is satisfied that the item is safe and fit for its intended purpose. All items accepted by client are accepted “as is”, without warranty or representation by The Kindness Project or any agent or representative of The Kindness Project.


9. Client understands that “The Kindness Exchange” is protected and monitored by video and audio surveillance.


10. Permission is granted to The Kindness Project for the use of testimonies, photograph(s) or electronic media images as the organization sees fit to promote the mission of the organization. Images will be stored in a secure location and only authorized staff will have access to them. Identities of Foster Youth will be concealed. Adoptive Parents may allow identities and/or names to be shared by the organization through a signed release and/or verbal confirmation.